Samantha is one of the Kitty Club members on Kitty Heart Lane.



A handbag designer with a perculiar personality. Her goofy antics is what makes her so popular, with everyone wanting to be around her. She is very friendly.


Samantha has a light purple body with splotches and stripes of amethyst covering her body. She also has a white muzzle, inner-torso, and paws. Her light brown eyes are accent with dark brown mascara. She has an orange nose.

Samantha wears a green hat with pale pink petals shaped like flowers and a violet ribbon wrapped around the middle of an emerald gem in the middle. Around her neck is a raspberry ruffled ribbon.


  • Foil Figure


  • Samantha is one of the only cats without eye shadow.
  • Her figure has orange eyes and lacks her body stripes. She is also given orange eye shadow.


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