Lucy is one of the Kitty Club members on Kitty Heart Lane.



A hip kitty who loves to sing. She always manages to amaze the others with her surprisingly fresh and new lyrics.


Lucy is a soft gold kitty with blue eyes and darker mascara accent by golden orange eye shadow. Her cheeks are accent with a dark purple streak to match the zig-zag shapes on her torso and the lightning bolt on her right eye. She has a purple nose.

Lucy wears black and yellow zig-zag shoulder accessories and a red hat with black leopard print. A dull brown band goes around the middle of a topaz gem and hot pink rose.


  • Foil Figure


  • Lucy resembles a tiger.
  • Her foil bag figure has several changes, including: plain accessories, a purple flower and her hat lacking several details, her body lacking its markings, and orange eyes.


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