Lauren is one of the Kitty Club members on Kitty Heart Lane.



Known as "Chatty Cat" by close friends, Lauren is known for throwing the funnest parties. She loves to talk and getting to know new kitties.


Lauren is soft fuchsia with white at the center of her face and her inner-torso. She has speckles of bright blue covering her body. her tail is short and a little thick. She has deep blue eyes and wears midnight blue mascara and soft orange eye shadow to match her nose.

Lauren wears a green collar with a pink heart-shaped stone and a green hat with gold petals in the shape of a flower covering it. A  thin band of fuchsia circles the middle with two flowers attached, one sky blue, one red. A sapphire gem rests in the red flower.


  • Foil Figure


  • Her foil figure lacks its body markings


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