Kitty is the main character of Kitty Club and a ''mewvilous'' fashion designer new to Kitty Heart Lane.



Kitty is a fashionable kitty who often indulges in her hobby by chatting about it, going shopping, or just working on the next big thing.

As the founder of Kitty Club she is very popular and loved by all on Kitty Heart Lane.


Kitty is a solid white cat with fluffy cheeks and chest. She has a short, thin tail and a pink nose. She has bright blue eyes worn with pale pink eyeshadow. 

Kitty wears a magenta hat with a sky blue ribbon accent by a matching heart and feathers. A magenta gem is glued to the middle. On her paw is a gold ring with a magenta flower ring accent by a gem.


  • Foil Figure
  • Kitty Club Convertible
  • Kitty Clubhouse


  • Kitty is only solid white cats in the series.
    • She is also one of the only solid-colored cats, the other being Lily.
  • In toy form Kitty's hat is pastel pink.