Hannah is one of the Kitty Club members on Kitty Heart Lane.



Hannah is the overly-friendly baker everyone can turn to in times of need. She struggles to refuse or turn down requests; unable to even say "no". Due to this she has a tendency to accidentally get into trouble.


Hannah has plum-colored fur with a gradient of light purple and lavender on her face, paws, and her entire foot. Dark indigo stripes in sharp or lightning bolt shapes cover her body, and she has a very puffy tail. She has almond colored eyes and wears dark brown mascara and lilac eyeshadow. Her nose is orange.

Hannah wears a blue hat with white frills lining it to match the wrist-lets she wears. Around the middle is a cyan band, also lined with frills and a white, yellow, and red check pattern adorned with a fuchsia bow. An emerald rests in the middle. On her neck is a ruffled cravat to match the design of her hat.


  • Foil Figure


  • The official art of Hannah on the collectors paper in the Foil Bag gives her orange eyeshadow and brightens her colors.
  • Her foil figure lacks the lighter purple coloring on her body and gives her orange eyes.