Claire is Kitty's best friend and one of the kitties of Kitty Club.



Claire is known for her beautiful bouqets and works as a florist. At times she can be a bit goofy or zany, but she has a heart of gold. She helped Kitty find the Kitty Club and shares her sense of fashion.


Claire has pale, cream-colored fur with stripes of gold all over her. She has a slightly fluffy chest and cheeks, and deep blue eyes with pale orange eyeshadow. Her nose is gold and she has a thin, short tail.

Claire wears a hot pink and pale pink striped hat with dark yellow lining around the bottom. Around the middle is a thick green ribbon tied into a bow held with a sapphire gem. On her neck is a violet ribbon with a flower sewn to it.


  • Foil Figure
  • Kitty Clubhouse
  • Florist Set


  • On the official website, the band of Claire's hat is colored on the figurine. But in the foil bag art it is not colored.