Ava is one of the newest members of Kitty Club and new residents to Kitty Heart Lane.



Being new doesn't mean it took long for Ava to make her mark. As a rock musician, Ava is often found practicing or putting on a show for others.


Ava has milk-blue fur with indigo stripes and lining each fluffy cheek. She has milk-blue fluffy chest fur, while her paws, inner-ear, muzzle, and stomach are white. She has a dark pink nose to match her eyeshadow and the star on her cheek. She has lime eyes and a thick, short tail.

On each wrist Ava wears a red studded wristband, while her hat is dull blue with raspberry lining and a sky blue front, adorned by a raspberry bow accent by an amethyst.


  • Foil Figure
  • Ava musical accessory set


  • On the official website, Ava's background on her character profile is darker than the rest.
  • Ava is the only blue hat Kitty whose hat takes a different shape than the others.
  • On the foil bag, Ava's colors are duller while her eyeshadow is pale colored.