Alexis is one of the Kitty Club members on Kitty Heart Lane.



Alexis is a graceful kitty who loves gems and enjoys using them and metal to make brand new, beautiful jewelry. She is extremely crafty.


Alexis has pale blue fur with stripes slightly darker, along with a white stomach and paws. She has a short and thin tail, and an orange nose. Her purple eyes are accent by dark purple mascara and lavender eyeshadow.

Alexis wears a large, dark plum hat with a lavender ribbon tied around the middle, accent by a topaz gem and tiny gold studs. She also wears a plum collar with a yellow stone in the middle, plum lace gloves, and a single lavender bracelet with gold studs.


  • Foil Figure


  • The foil figure of Alexis appears darker blue in color and lacks her white coloring.
  • She is one of the only kitties that wear gloves, the second being Isabella.